Goldman Sachs Engineering Partners with Latinas de RTC to Provide Mentoring Bootcamp to Interns

12 APR 2021

Mentoring has long been central to Goldman Sach’s culture, and to expand this culture of mentorship beyond just the firm, Engineering at Goldman Sachs began a new partnership to offer their expertise to trainees at other firms as well.

The program began last summer when the Black Engineers (BE) Network and the Engineering Hispanic/Latinx Network (EHLN) announced the launch of the Nexus Mentoring Program: a five-week bootcamp-style mentoring program for students from diverse backgrounds interning in corporate settings, with the aim of helping participants navigate their internships successfully, hone their technical skills and ultimately secure a full-time offer.

Recognizing the program’s success, the EHLN furthered Nexus’ goals by establishing the Latinas de RTC Mentoring Program in collaboration with Sue Harnett, founder and president of Rewriting the Code (RTC), and in partnership with Latinas de RTC – a group created for Latina women in technology and engineering majors to share experiences, build their networks and tap into the community of female technologists.

The inaugural cohort, consisting of 40 students, kicked off meetings on February 26. The first session provided attendees with an overview of Nexus, access to Pluralsight through the end of their internships to help them develop their technical skills, and tasked participants with creating their own elevator pitches, among other career building assignments. Sessions that followed included discussions on topics ranging from communicating with managers and working backwards from each intern’s end-goals, to soliciting, receiving and actioning feedback, as well as presentation tips and more.

In the final session on Friday, March 26, Rob Fuentes, head of the EHLN, moderated a panel discussion between former summer interns who are now analysts at the firm. These seven analysts shared perspectives and lessons learned from their recent internships, as well as tips to overcome imposter syndrome in the corporate environment. Celine, a Nexus alumna, touched upon how valuable the program was during her internship and how it helped her secure a full-time role with the firm. The session closed with an Agile-style feedback cycle, where participants opined on which elements of the program they each found most helpful; Nexus coordinators will incorporate participant insights when planning the next iteration of the bootcamp.

GS Engineering is proud to partner with Latinas de RTC to bring technical and other soft skills to interns across corporate America through Nexus.