Goldman Sachs on the AWS Cloud

18 DEC 2019

Goldman Sachs engineers from GIR Technology, ClearFactr and Marquee each demo’d their products and shared their Amazon Web Services Cloud use-cases at AWS re:Invent from Monday, December 2 to Thursday, December 5. Throughout the week, our engineers visited with over 2,000 individuals who were interested in the Goldman Sachs Developer ( launch, and how Goldman Sachs is utilizing the AWS Cloud. Please see the below links for more information on each of the products and teams and their use of the cloud:

Marquee is the digital storefront for institutional client services, delivering Goldman Sachs’ market insights, analytical tools, execution services, and developer and data services directly to clients via an integrated digital platform. 


ClearFactr is a SaaS spreadsheet platform purpose-built for financial modeling that enables users to create an integrated ecosystem out of dispersed, distributed and disconnected financial models.


GIR Technology
A strong culture of experimentation allowed GIR to break barriers and achieve a single-click deployment with immutable infrastructure and security at the center of the design, leading to the successful migration of all core capabilities of their main research portal. 


Goldman Sachs Developer (
Goldman Sachs Developer is a new platform designed to externalize solutions and products created by Goldman Sachs engineers.