A View from...Frankfurt: Reto, Internal Audit

Reto, a managing director who works in Internal Audit, recently moved to our Frankfurt office. He shares his thoughts on working in various offices of the firm and discusses his experience of working and living in Frankfurt.

Moving around the world has been a big part of your life. How have you found the experiences of working in different Goldman Sachs offices?

Growing up in South Africa with parents from Switzerland exposed me to travel in Europe from a young age and fostered an interest in other countries and cultures. On the one hand I find working and living in different countries extremely interesting and rewarding, but on the other hand it can also be stressful to integrate and adapt to the changes that you are faced with. I couldn’t have moved to Frankfurt without a supportive family.

One thing I’ve gained by working in different offices is a greater appreciation of the myriad activities the firm is involved in across the globe on behalf of clients, and the level of teamwork and coordination required to be successful. We have many talented people in each of our offices, and this has motivated me to do the very best I can.


What is the key to successfully working with colleagues around the globe from a regional office?

A key skill is building and maintaining a strong network within the firm, making a conscious and consistent effort to stay connected with colleagues in other offices. Time zone differences can be challenging and therefore being sensitive to everyone’s calendar is important. Another challenge of working in a regional office is ensuring people in hub offices are aware of the work being performed out of the region through constant communication and updates.


As co-head of the Frankfurt LGBT Network and member of the EMEA LGBT Network Steering Committee, what is your vision for 2019?

We have an energised local Diversity Network in Frankfurt. My goal, along with my co-head and the local LGBT Network Steering Committee, is to actively promote events for our LGBT community and allies and to build on the firm’s culture of respect and inclusion for all our employees. This year we once again participated in Pride Month with rainbow cakes and pink shirt day and showed our support at the Frankfurt Pride parade. We’ve also partnered with Community TeamWorks to raise money for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe charity in Frankfurt, supporting those suffering with, or affected by, HIV/AIDS.


What are some of the things you do outside the office?

I like running and participate in marathons in each city that I’ve lived in. This year I’ve signed up for the Frankfurt Marathon. Training for the marathon is a healthy discipline that I enjoy—it gives me time to think while I’m running.


You’ve moved around the world with your family. How do they like that experience?

My family has been great and adjust really well to new places. My wife also grew up in South Africa and we’ve been together for 24 years, living in Switzerland, England, the USA, India and now Frankfurt. Our sons were born in the UK and USA. We’ve all enjoyed the opportunity to experience different cultures as a family.


Your top tip for people visiting the city?

I’d encourage visitors to walk along the River Main. There are some very picturesque scenes to enjoy. If you are staying for a weekend then I definitely would recommend finding a local festival in the city or surrounding areas. They’re fun experiences.