How I Reset: Goldman Sachs Leaders Share Their Routines

15 JAN 2016

The New Year presents an opportunity to pause, reflect and reset. With this in mind, senior Goldman Sachs leaders across the firm and the globe shared their responses to the same prompt: “Whether it might be a favorite book, a fitness regime, a person you turn to for advice or perhaps a mental practice of reflecting – how do you reset?” 

Each business day over the next four weeks, we’ll update this page with new, inspiring responses from the firm’s leaders, so be sure to check back here for more New Year motivation. 

Nyron Latif – Finance Division, Bengaluru   

15 JAN 2016

"Taking time to reflect and reset once a year really gives me a sense of purpose and direction in my life. That’s why, when it comes to resetting, I recommend reading 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Steve Covey. It helps me find inspiration and structure in both my professional and personal life."

Dino Fusco – Services Division, Jersey City  

14 JAN 2016

"My wife, two daughters, ages 12 and 15, and I go to a neighborhood restaurant every Friday evening for a long, casual dinner. Having dinner together – outside of our home and at the end of the week – helps to ensure that none of us are distracted by homework, emails, text messages, conference calls, or any of a multitude of electronic devices that we leave at home. We use this time to discuss everything that transpired over the past week at home, at school, at work and around the world. We also use this time to make plans for the weekend, the upcoming week, the next holiday, and the much more distant future. Our Friday dinners remind us how much we relied upon each other over the past week, and how much we will need and depend upon one another into the future. These dinners help me to ‘reset’ my aspirations and goals; they inspire in me – and hopefully my family – to find more commitment, context, meaning and purpose for the future."

Ron Lee – Investment Management Division, Hong Kong

13 JAN 2016

"My family and I often like to go to a popular Taiwanese restaurant for lunch after church on Sunday. We look at the menu each time, but we always end up ordering the exact same dishes. The reliable cuisine and light conversation always makes the tasks of the past week recede and prepares me for the week ahead."

Rich Friedman – Merchant Banking Division, New York

12 JAN 2016

"With 50 years of devotion, the basketball court is my Sanctuary. For the past 34 years, most Saturday mornings I get up early and worship the hardwood floor with 10-14 other former college and high school players (23-62 years of age). Those two hours of full court competition and teamwork enable me to ‘Reset’ the mind and body from the busy week. There are three things that matter each Saturday: staying injury free, hitting my jumpers and winning."

Julie Harris – Operations Division, Jersey City

11 JAN 2016

"As a working mom, I find it really important to make time for self-care – it allows me to renew and refresh. For me, what that entails has varied throughout the years. Currently, it's twice daily meditation, exercise (which I'm doing more with my twin sons - biking and running) and I've been focused more on healthy eating and noticing its impact on my energy levels."

Ken Hitchner – Executive Office, Hong Kong

08 JAN 2016

"We are a family of avid skiers. Though now geographically dispersed, we hit the slopes as much as we can as a family. The anticipation of these reunions, being active and outdoors, is as re-energizing and almost as powerful as the actual time we spend together skiing, boarding and bonding."

Michael Desmarais – Human Capital Management, New York

07 JAN 2016

"I believe it’s important to reset regularly, not just at certain times of the year. My wife and I have raised our two children, now ages 11 and  9, to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Under this philosophy, they have developed a passion for athletic competition. We play golf and tennis and exercise as a family and much of my weekend time is spent coaching one of their teams or cheering from the stands. The satisfaction my wife and I get from seeing our children learn teamwork and embrace their true interests, helps me reset outside of the office and put into perspective what really matters."

Mark Schwartz – Executive Office, Beijing

06 JAN 2016

"Almost every morning—no matter where I am in the world—I‘m usually up at 5 or 6am working out and running 5 or 6 miles. I love the time to myself to think about the day ahead, get organized mentally, and be able to accelerate into the day. I often feel that I’ve accomplished more by 9 or 10am than I will the entire rest of the day."

Jennifer Barbetta – Investment Management Division, New York

05 JAN 2016

"My kids are still at the age where they literally jump into my arms when I get home. It’s the best feeling in the world. Those hugs can completely change my mindset and often provide some needed perspective away from the office."

David Solomon – Investment Banking Division, New York

04 JAN 2016

"Spending time with my daughters has always been my favorite way to unwind, whether it was walking them to school when they were much younger or having dinner with them to talk about what is going on in their lives and what is important to them. My older daughter is now out of school and back in NYC. We do an hour of yoga and then have dinner together most Sunday evenings. It is a great way to end one week and start the next. In addition, I love to ski in the winter and road bike in the summer. I find I really need exercise on a regular basis to reset."

Michael Sherwood – Executive Office, London

30 DEC 2015

"Every couple of weeks I take my daughter and my son (if he is in London) to a soccer game. It is a family tradition; I used to go with my dad, and now I take my kids. We all share the emotions of supporting and rooting for the same team over many decades. Apart from the exhilaration of the game it has become a family bond…"

John Waldron – Investment Banking Division, New York

30 DEC 2015

"Putting the electronic devices away and spending quality time with my five kids is the best release from my day-to-day pressures. Given their age span, I find different outlets to achieve that. With my two older girls, I regularly attend their sporting events and sit in the front row to cheer and support them, followed by a debrief on how the game went. We also have a regular Saturday or Sunday lunch to catch up one-on-one, which is where I can listen to what is front of mind for them. With the three younger kids (two boys and a girl), I try to focus on bedtime with an emphasis on reading stories which is when I find they will actually open up and tell me about their day..."

Kathy Matsui – Global Investment Research, Tokyo

29 DEC 2015

"I reset by attending church on Sunday mornings. Setting aside a dedicated time in my week for focused prayer and reflection is vital for my psychological well-being and gives me a sense of peace. I’m still growing in my spiritual journey, but every week I discover something new, and that’s what keeps me going."

Dane Holmes – Executive Office, New York

28 DEC 2015

"As strange is it may sound, my commute is my reset. Whether I am sitting in silence and reflecting, calling my parents or an old friend, listening to an audio book or the blues, it gives me the space to open up my mind and gain some perspective. Most importantly - by resetting during my commute, I can walk through my kitchen door and be fully present and engaged with my family, which is the ultimate reward."