Inside Our Environmental, Social and Governance Report

20 AUG 2018

Tyler King, an associate on our Investor Relations team in New York, explains the key features and themes of the firm’s 2017 Environmental, Social and Governance Report. 

Q.  What is the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report and how is it developed?
Tyler King: The ESG Report highlights the firm’s approach to sustainability and provides key examples of our efforts. We publish the report for our clients, investors, and other constituents to explain how we integrate sustainability into our business and operations. As a global financial services firm, we recognize we are in a position to help address global environmental and social challenges in a wide variety of areas. The report is an opportunity to highlight recent progress and accomplishments and to lay out future priorities and goals. The development of the report is a year-round team effort that involves the collaboration of our people across different business lines and regions.

Q.  What are some of the key parts of the report?
TK: The report highlights five key priorities within our sustainability efforts. For example, we highlight commercial opportunities such as our work with clients on clean energy development and our efforts to grow our ESG and impact investing business in our Asset Management division. We also discuss how we leverage the firm’s business model and skillsets to drive local community impact, how we foster our inclusive, service-oriented culture, and how we lead with ideas. For Goldman Sachs, sustainability is about how we drive value for our broad set of stakeholders over the long-term. Our firm’s ability to manage environmental and social risks, attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce, and address community challenges are all essential components of that effort.

Q.  How would you describe interest in the firm’s ESG reporting by investors and others?


TK: Our investors are naturally interested in how we incorporate sustainability and ESG factors into our business as they view this integration as fundamental to driving long-term shareholder value. We also recognize that these issues are front of mind for our people and those who may be considering a career with us. In the end, our success is tied to attracting great people into the firm, and our sustainability reporting helps us to tell an important part of our story as a firm.

Q.  Can you describe your responsibilities within Investor Relations?
TK: Working in Investor Relations is dynamic and multifaceted which is also what I like most about it. In a typical day, I need to use a mix of analytical and communication-based skills, and manage relationships with people both inside and outside the firm. I work with many of our investors on a wide range of topics, from our recent financial performance and our revenue growth initiatives to our approach to sustainability and corporate governance topics. A lot of my time is spent collaborating with colleagues across the firm and around the globe to analyze our businesses and competitive positioning, monitor market trends, and help the firm prepare for key events, such as our quarterly financial results and management presentations.