Internal Podcast Series Shares Insights on the Investment Management Division’s Evolution

19 APR 2016

The internal podcast, available to all Goldman Sachs employees, features analysts interviewing senior Investment Management Division (IMD) employees on the history, present, and future of their businesses.

Project Darwin, named for the focus on each IMD group’s evolution, is the firm’s first learning and development-focused internal podcast and is part of the firm’s ongoing efforts to provide educational resources across different formats and platforms including mobile.

Goldman Sachs is rolling out a range of initiatives designed to increase analysts’ exposure to senior leaders and to enhance the experience of our analysts overall. This podcast’s production gave analysts a unique opportunity to spend one-on-one time with their division’s leadership.

“Taking a step back and listening to IMD’s senior leaders reflect on the growth of their business so soon into our careers at Goldman Sachs was pretty special. I am struck by the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of IMD’s most senior leaders – and of the people in my analyst class,” said Kelly, an analyst in IMD.

Click above to hear highlights from the Project Darwin internal podcast, featuring excerpts of interviews with Kate El-Hillow of Global Portfolio Solutions, Betty Sanchez of Latin America Private Wealth Management, and Jason Granet of Liquidity Solutions.



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