Q&A with Dane E. Holmes

08 FEB 2017

Dane E. Holmes is the global head of Investor Relations and global head of Pine Street, which provides leadership development for the firm’s partners and select managing directors. He shares his thoughts on what it means to be a partner, the evolving role of Investor Relations and the importance of experience.

What does it mean to be a partner at the firm?

Dane Holmes: Becoming a partner at Goldman Sachs is a significant achievement, but it is also just the beginning of another chapter in your evolution as a leader. Everybody at the firm is responsible for the firm's commercial success, but the level of accountability for partners is fundamentally larger given their greater ability to both influence outcomes and set expectations —  both as individuals and as a group. Because we operate in an entirely people-driven business, we need to make sure that we're investing in their development as both leaders and as stewards of the firm's culture.

From your role as global head of Investor Relations (IR), how has the position of IR changed?

DH: Our approach to investor relations has evolved over time as we strive to better serve our clients. In recent years, we have seen our key stakeholders — shareholders, debt investors, ratings agencies, research analysts, corporate governance clients and socially responsible investors — beginning to focus on some of the same issues. As a result, we serve all of those external constituents in an integrated way and often through the lens of our business strategy and operating performance. Our approach is rooted in active engagement and serving as a valuable analytical resource.

What advice do you have for people who are just starting out their career at the firm?

Don’t underestimate the value of accumulated experience – particularly failure. Embracing other people’s experiences — like they were your own — is a great way to not only inform your perspective, but also to build your professional muscles before you need them.

What do you like most about your job?

DH: In my experience, there’s nothing more important in a job than liking the people you work with and feeling like they’re investing in your growth. Nothing else is better. The biggest reason I like my job is that I get this very rare and fortunate opportunity to engage unbelievably talented and ambitious people. These are people with unlimited potential. They have both the capacity and desire to have a meaningful impact – often well beyond the narrow confines of work. Getting the opportunity to play some role in helping them reach their maximum potential is incredibly energizing. And, in being both a spectator and a participant in that process, I learn a lot about myself and the world. That’s what gets me excited about coming to work.