Alumni Reflect on Our Returnship® Program as it Turns 10

20 FEB 2018

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Goldman Sachs Returnship® Program, a paid internship program designed specifically for those who left the workforce for two or more years and are ready to return.

Since 2008, the Returnship® Program has offered participants exposure to the network of resources at Goldman Sachs, from training, networking and support from the firm’s senior leaders, to hands-on work experience with meaningful responsibilities in a variety of the firm’s divisions. Returnees are able to expand their professional network and learn about the financial services industry, while being introduced to the culture of the firm.  

Nearly 400 people globally have participated over the ten years of the program, including 18 individuals who are currently participating in the program in New York/New Jersey, Salt Lake City, and Irving, Texas.

In recognition of the program’s 10th anniversary and its important milestone for the firm, we asked a few of our Returnship® Program alumni to share how the program shaped their careers at Goldman Sachs and advice they would give to those who are looking to make a career transition.

Vice President, Operations
Joined GS: December, 2010

“The Returnship® Program was an invaluable foot in the door to start the transition back to work after taking a career break. The program offered opportunities to explore, network and create an instant support system with fellow Returnees, who continue to be some of my closest advisors and friends at GS.” 


La Vonda 
Vice President, Operations
Joined GS: April 2014

“When transitioning back to work, I think it’s important to focus on being flexible and impactful. Sometimes, in our eagerness to ‘hit the ground running’ we rely on what worked for us in the past, but taking a moment to understand the ways your business has evolved, the unique needs of your team, and new dynamics is time well spent.”

Associate, Technology
Joined GS: May, 2017

“The most challenging aspect of my return to work was adapting to the ever changing technology sector. As a former software developer in Silicon Valley, I was drawn to the Returnship® Program as a way to brush up my technical skills, learn new ones and take the next step in my career.”