What is your role in the Technology Division at Goldman Sachs?
I work in the Clients Platforms business unit of the Technology division. In this team we design and develop collaboration tools, which increase communication and efficiency within other teams in the firm. 

What does your average week look like?
I go to university lectures on Mondays and Tuesdays. I then go to work at Goldman Sachs for the remaining three days of the week, where I work on different exciting projects.

Why did you decide to pursue the degree apprenticeship programme?
I was going to apply for university after my gap year. However, I found out that a degree apprenticeship was right for me as I get to work at a reputable company and study at a top London university.

What were you doing before you joined the programme?
I finished my A-levels and spent a year working in a digital media firm as an apprentice web developer. It was while working at this firm that I found out about the Goldman Sachs degree apprenticeship and since I was finishing up my work at the media firm, I felt it was right for me.

In your view, what are the benefits of studying and working at the same time?
One of the benefits of studying and working at the same time is being able to apply what you have learnt at university in the workplace or vice-versa. I have gained loads of experience while working at Goldman Sachs because I was given an opportunity to make an impact from the first day at the office. Taking that mind-set to university has also enabled me to do better in my studies.

How have you approached balancing responsibilities for your university studies and your work at Goldman Sachs?
This was tricky at first, but my managers, colleagues and lecturers gave me tips on how to manage my time effectively. I now use prioritised to-do lists and use my calendars for setting up appointments. I also make sure I find time to do my hobbies and partake in sporting activities.

What’s the one piece of advice from your experience that you would pass on to someone applying to an apprenticeship programme?
Make sure to do some research into the company before applying and always show your passion for technology. Having an interest in technology, no matter what kind will help you go a long way.