What is your role at Goldman Sachs?
I work in the Global Investment Research Technology team, where we develop software to help our research analysts in their work.

What does your average week look like?
The first 2 days each week are spent at university followed by 3 days at work. On Mondays we have lectures and on Tuesdays we have labs sessions. The structure of my work day is fairly flexible depending on how I decide to approach my tasks.

Why did you decide to pursue the degree apprenticeship programme?
I wanted to gain work experience while studying for a degree. This combination will give me a lot more practical knowledge compared to only going to university.

What were you doing before you joined the programme?
Last year I did an English course in order to get the required level to access university courses, however before that I was in an informatics school in Switzerland.

In your view, what are the benefits of studying and working at the same time?
You get a lot of practical experience that you would not get by only studying and you get to see how the workplace functions first hand.

How have you approached balancing responsibilities for your university studies and your work at Goldman Sachs?
During the week, I generally attempt to get as much done as possible, however if the amount of work I have been given is significant, then I will tend to use my weekends to help compensate.

What’s the one piece of advice from your experience that you would pass on to someone applying to an apprenticeship programme?
Have an open mind when approaching both work and university and also be passionate with what you do.