What is your role in the Technology Division at Goldman Sachs?
I work as a voice engineer within the Workplace Voice Engineering team in Client Platforms. Here we engineer new solutions and tools to get the firm efficiently connected on both trader communication systems and enterprise communication systems. We oversee product usage on a range of products from the common desk phones to trader phones (turrets).

What does your average week look like?
My average week starts with two days at university in lectures and lab sessions. The other three days are spent at Goldman Sachs getting involved in meetings, creating reports and preparing presentations.

Why did you decide to pursue the degree apprenticeship programme?
Because I get the best of both worlds. Having a degree whilst getting exposure to the most presitigous bank to work for is an opportunity I couldn’t miss. I pursued it because the experience I get here will really open doors for me in the future and I knew I would gain skills and develop more as person by learning from the two very different environments.

What were you doing before you joined the programme?
Before this programme I was in college studying A Levels in Maths, Economics and Physics.

In your view, what are the benefits of studying and working at the same time?
I love the fact that a lot of what I’m learning at university, I see the real life application of it at Goldman Sachs. The programme allows me to build a growing network with very smart people and have access to resources that assists me in my degree.

How have you approached balancing responsibilities for your university studies and your work at Goldman Sachs?
I think by keeping my work at Goldman Sachs strictly at the office, it gives me enough time to work on university studies around that. I think organisation really helps balancing your time on both sides.

What’s the one piece of advice from your experience that you would pass on to someone applying to an apprenticeship programme?
It’s a large commitment and I think it’s important that you have a passion in technology so you find your degree enjoyable.