What is your role in the Technology Division at Goldman Sachs?
I am a Software Developer in Client Assets Technology. We develop technology solutions which control, manage and protect our clients' assets.

What does your average week look like?
On weekdays I go to my lectures and work, see my friends for lunch and in the evening I either go to a Pan-African Society meeting at Uni or I go to a Chocolate Café. On weekends I go to a street market or an art gallery.

Why did you decide to pursue the degree apprenticeship programme?
The programme gave me the rare opportunity to do something different. It was a chance for me to dive into the IT world; with university to guide me through.

What were you doing before you joined the programme?
Before I joined the programme I was doing my A-levels at a Catholic School, Downside School, in Bath.

In your view, what are the benefits of studying and working at the same time?
I can use the skills I learn in class at work and vice versa thus I can excel at both simultaneously.

How have you approached balancing responsibilities for your university studies and your work at Goldman Sachs?
Whenever I get work from uni I make sure to finish it as soon as possible. I also set aside time on the weekend to study or do any remaining work I have.

What’s the one piece of advice from your experience that you would pass on to someone applying to an apprenticeship programme?
Find a hobby/topic you like so you can join the society for it at Uni. The club gives you a break and lets you feel part of the University.