Then and Now: Phoebe

19 JUL 2018

During the summer of 2015, we profiled interns from around the world in a blog series called My Summer at Goldman Sachs where they chronicled their individual experiences at the firm. While our new intern class continues their summer experience, we wanted to check in with our former interns from three years ago to get some of their reflections and updates on what they are doing now. 


Let’s catch up with Phoebe, an analyst in Engineering to see what she is up to now.   

Internship: Summer Intern, Client Services (now known as Ledgers), Operations Engineering, London  

Current Role: Analyst, Ledgers, Operations Engineering, London   

Path since the internship:

My summer internship in 2015 provided me with a real life simulation of what being a fulltime employee at Goldman Sachs would entail. My internship project involved creating a user interface for a subscription service my team was building that enabled new clients to sign up to receive our data. After taking all the necessary trainings, I quickly sketched out a prototype and presented my ideas to the team. I received constructive feedback and was compelled to look at scenarios I had not thought about before and this still happens in my current role. As an analyst, I am encouraged to form an opinion on projects I work on and the team is always available to brainstorm and share ideas to achieve a better outcome. The projects are challenging in a way that encourages learning and compels me to ask questions and meet new people. The best part of joining fulltime after completing an internship was starting with many other interns from the previous summer. It is the best support network anyone could have at the start of their career.

Over the past few years here, I have grown significantly with regards to my problem solving and programming skills. I did not know much about enterprise applications, keeping code clean or even what it meant to work in an agile team. Building a career at Goldman Sachs enables you to fill in the knowledge gaps from university. It made me marvel at what I could accomplish over a short period of time.

My team works on the firm’s interest platform and we work closely with Operations. Our current project is creating a new workflow for Operations to easily reconcile accrued interest with clients. As one of the developers on this project, I am excited to learn and try new things while adding value by making Operations more efficient.

Questions from 2018 Summer Analysts: What is your favorite memory while working at Goldman Sachs?

Getting the opportunity to visit Nigeria to recruit with other engineers at the firm has been my best memory yet. It is good to know the firm cares about diversity and even better participating in an initiative to hire other diverse engineers. Our recruitment efforts in Africa resulted in greater representation in the current London intern class this summer.

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