Goldman Sachs Named One of the World’s Most Attractive Employers by Universum

21 SEP 2018

Goldman Sachs is ranked #2 on Universum’s latest list of World’s Most Attractive Employers for business students. The firm is also ranked #21 among Engineering and IT students.

Universum surveyed over 225,000 business and engineering/IT students globally in twelve of the largest economies, including the US, China, India and the UK. The 2018 report is Universum’s tenth annual list of the World’s Most Attractive Employers, and the third consecutive in which Goldman Sachs has been in the top five.

Universum is an employer branding research organization that studies company attributes and qualities that attract top talent. According to Universum, the purpose of their annual survey is to find out which firms are held in highest regard by students and to understand the factors affecting those opinions.

Visit Universum’s website to see the full rankings and to learn more about their research.