16 MAR 2016

Ask the Warsaw Recruiters

Meet Goldman Sachs recruiters Rick and Liza, co-leads of the firm’s operations and technology recruiting strategy in Warsaw, and learn more about opportunities in this rapidly growing office.

Why is it an exciting time to join the Warsaw office?
Rick: The Warsaw office has been open for a number of years, but we are now expanding our technology and operations staff by several hundred. It's very exciting because new hires will have the opportunity to join a large global organization, but also be involved in shaping a growing regional office.

Liza: I agree. I think at a very early stage these employees will have the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility and project ownership that will help the office grow and develop. Our employees are actively driving results as part of global teams across Bengaluru, London, New York and Salt Lake City that serve clients around the world.

How does the Warsaw office fit into Goldman Sachs’ global business?
Rick: Goldman Sachs has an ever-growing need for technology and operations professionals. The Warsaw office’s expansion allows us to access Poland’s deep pool of highly skilled candidates and support a wider range of business areas.
Liza: The location is also a practical one for us. We have a “follow the sun” model, which means when one office closes another opens to help provide 24 hour coverage to our clients. Warsaw’s working day fits in between those of Bengaluru and Salt Lake City, which also have large technology and operations teams.

What career opportunities are available in Warsaw? 
Rick: Our operations and technology divisions will be hiring for a wide range of experience levels, from students and recent graduates to experienced professionals with a proven track record in a specific area.  

What is your hiring process?
Liza: We will be recruiting at universities in Poland so students should check with their careers offices for university-specific application information. Our campus interview process includes two to three rounds of interviews over the course of several weeks. Our technology candidates also go through an analytical thinking exercise. In addition, we attend and host a number of events and careers fairs throughout the year; you can search for upcoming events on My GS Events.
Rick: Experienced candidates should apply directly on goldmansachs.com. The process and timeline for experienced candidates is similar with the addition of a technical interview for technology candidates.

What skills and qualifications are you looking for in candidates?
Liza: From a campus perspective, we look for people with various academic and professional backgrounds. We need motivated individuals who can be a part of a fast-paced global team.
Strong analytical and problem solving skills are the most important quality for anyone applying to technology. While a computer science or data science degree is preferable, we also hire humanities majors with the interest and ability to learn skills such as coding. For operations, we are looking for people who can think through processes with a broad range of competencies such as communications skills and teamwork. We determine which business unit candidates are hired into based on the strengths that they bring to the table. All applicants must be fluent in spoken and written English as well. 

Rick: The experienced hire profile is largely the same. I would also add that it comes down to fit, team and the depth of the candidate's experience.  We want our people to be continually interested in and challenged by what they do. If a candidate shows an interest in one area or another, we will definitely try and accommodate that.

What advice would you give to someone interviewing with you?
Liza: Preparation is key. Before going into your interview you should be ready to walk through your CV, explain why you want to pursue the role, and explain “why Goldman Sachs.”
Rick: For technology candidates, you can’t prepare for an analytical interview in the traditional sense but you can go into it with the correct mindset. Don’t be too concerned about a right and wrong answer; think about these questions as a platform for discussion. We’re looking for you to show your thought process and how your mind works when solving a difficult, technical problem.
For technical interviews (experienced technology candidates only), you should ensure you are well versed in the items you have put down on your CV as areas of experience, as you will be asked about them.

How can I find out more?
Rick: I would suggest checking out our careers site, www.gs.com/careers. Read up on our divisions and watch our videos. This information is global in nature because our hiring processes are similar across the different regions.