A Day in the Life

Here, I’ve found a
way to have the best
of both worlds

“Every day I work on the three “Ps” – people, processes and products. I’m helping to build the firm’s consumer business from an engineering perspective, implementing technology that today serves millions of customers. My team’s work on technology architecture has allowed Marcus by Goldman Sachs to scale significantly in a short period of time. As a global lead on the platform, I’ve seen the team grow at breakneck speed – from three people to over 100 in just a few years.”


o Morning run before the kids get up

o Get the kids ready for school

o Video conference meeting with teams in India (take from home)

o Head into the office for meetings


o Project, system architecture, and software reviews

o Team and 1:1 meetings

o Demo new products or features


o Team game night at the office

o Dinner with my family

o Put the kids to bed

o Relax with a good book

When I’m not at my desk during the day…

You can find me in a system architecture road map meeting with teams across the globe. I work with team leads, teams, or product managers to identify our goals for new products or new features for existing products. You might also find me catching up with colleagues from all of the different offices I’ve had the chance to work in – including New York, London and Bengaluru.

Skills to be successful in my role…

Global strategic thinking and awareness, ability to innovate on ideas, collaborative in nature

Best advice I’ve received at GS…

Decisions are not just being made at headquarters in New York. Richardson and Dallas are areas of growth for the firm where there are plenty of training and development opportunities. Side by side learning occurs on the desk. 

How I’d describe my team dynamic…

There is an exciting dynamic for me and the team in building the consumer business—we aren’t a legacy consumer bank – and having the opportunity to build a brand new tech stack is really unique. Having Marcus.com to demonstrate our great platform helps colleagues, customers and prospective employees see what we’re building.

Culturally, people are a bit more outgoing compared with other offices I’ve worked in – you’re more likely to have a conversation with a colleague that is more than just small talk. Also, there is a specific flavor to the Richardson office versus Dallas – it’s great being in the same room with product, strategy, legal and compliance all aligned to the consumer business and working side by side.

Who I am makes me better at what I do…

I’m a dad to two children, so it’s important for me to be able to get in quality time with them, like taking them to their martial arts classes – a shared passion of ours.

Finding time for team building at work has been important as the team has grown. I make it a point to have a game night with my team one night a week where we set up board games in the office and have some fun.



Lightning Round

Favorite work perk
Mobility and relocation – it's been great to have worked across four offices and three continents!                                        

Lunch go-to
Deluxe caesar salad from a great spot around the corner 

Favorite Talks at GS guest
Robert Smith, The Fourth Industrial Revolution

First thing I mastered after joining GS
Building fault tolerant batch processes for our Interest Rates Derivatives trading desk

Skill I’m building now
Building global engineering teams whom are able to deliver mission critical projects for our rapidly growing consumer business

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