A Day in the Life

Here, I’m encouraged
to explore new

"Truly, every day is a bit different, but I’m usually spending a lot of time talking with clients and teams across the firm. In my role within Private Wealth Management, I help clients manage their funds, endowments, and foundations and help deepen their relationships with Goldman Sachs.

Once I’m out of the office, I love to travel. Since moving to Dallas—a big adventure for someone from the Northeast—I’m lucky to say it really feels like home and there’s so much to explore. I didn’t always envision that I would work in finance coming out of college with a sociology degree, but I’ve found a role I love, and work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and interests."


o Take a workout class

o Read up on news and check on the market

o Small team huddle

o Review pending rebalances and funding of new investment strategies


o Review upcoming capital calls

o Coordinate with Private Wealth Management (PWM) operations and treasury teams

o Check booked trades

o Onboard new clients

o Implement new investment strategies


o Take my dog Ivy to the dog park or walk on the Katy Trail

o Happy hour with colleagues or friends

o Dinner with friends or family

o Review email and prioritize work for the next day

When I’m not at my desk during the day…

I might be meeting with colleagues that I’ve met through the firm’s Black Analyst / Associate Initiative to help develop my professional goals and expand my professional network. I may also take advantage of the onsite health services available at the Dallas office — perhaps stepping away for a checkup or free health screening during the day.

Skills to be successful in my role…

Customer service focus, collaborative mindset, being organized 

Best advice I’ve received at GS…

Goldman Sachs is a place where you stay, grow and learn — so look at your career as a marathon and not a sprint. You will be challenged in ways you never thought you would be, but it will be rewarding. There will be uphill challenges and even moments of failure, but if you leverage the people around you and build a good support system, you will always make it across the finish line.  

How I’d describe my team dynamic…

We enjoy working with clients and each other to help clients with all aspects of their accounts: onboarding, asset allocation, strategy, financial legacies, investment execution, and banking transactions.

Many of us are a part of various networks and initiatives such as the Veterans Network, Dallas Black Network, new analyst and intern recruiting, and alternative investment office champions. We think it’s a great way to connect with colleagues and meet new people.

Who I am makes me better at what I do…

I love to travel and experience different cultures – I’ve recently traveled to Bali, Singapore and Malaysia. In my role I am able to interact with so many people from all over the world, and my manager is supportive of me travelling to different offices. This has been a great experience as I get to expand my network and learn about new places. I have found that whether you’re looking for a new role, new city, or stretch assignments – people here want to see you succeed. I have also really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with my clients and colleagues about travel – they have shared some of the best travel recommendations to date!


Lightning Round

Favorite work perk
Onsite healthcare facilities and gym                                    

Lunch go-to
A Mediterranean spot close to the office - they have amazing spicy hummus and chicken roti

Favorite Talks at GS guest
Bozoma Saint John, Driving Change at Uber & Beyond

First thing I mastered after joining GS
Taking ownership

Skill I’m building now
Becoming a thought leader

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