Executive Office

Responsible for communicating with the firm’s key constituents, including the media, investors, policy makers, alumni, and the wider public.

What We Do

Our Executive Office comprises diverse businesses directly related to our corporate strategy, culture and brand. It includes corporate communications (internal communications, media relations and brand and content strategy), investor relations, government affairs, environmental markets and the office of corporate engagement. Our stakeholders include employees, shareholders, the media, policy makers, alumni and the general public.

Who We Look For

We look for creative people from all academic backgrounds with strong spoken and written communication skills and who are comfortable working in a complex and fast-paced environment, on a wide range of issues.

How We’re Organized

We Invest in Our People


We created Goldman Sachs University to help our people grow professionally – starting with their orientation and integration into the firm and continuing with ongoing development over the course of their careers.


From ongoing feedback to diverse talent programs, we’re committed to empowering our people to drive their own development and expand their horizons.


We emphasize an apprenticeship culture in which our junior team members learn by working closely with seasoned professionals. We believe this is critical to developing the next generation of Goldman Sachs leaders.