We ensure the accuracy of the firm’s financial information by complying with the rules and regulations governing financial markets worldwide.

What We Do

Finance is a numbers-driven organization which strives to create functional experts and values analytical thinkers. The Finance Division contributes to the firm by partnering with each of the firm’s businesses to understand and manage risks, measure profitability, and create solutions through quantitative analysis, projecting and forecasting. 

Apply Your Skills to One of Two Finance Areas

Within the Finance Division, many of our people serve in multi-function capacities but fundamentally, you can be hired into four main functions. While each area is different, the skillsets required are similar. We encourage you to apply for one of two areas: Controllers & Tax or Corporate Treasury & Bank Finance.

Controllers & Tax

  • Controllers play a key role in measuring and accurately reporting the profitability of the firm’s complex products, services and businesses globally. Professionals work with each of the firm’s businesses, gaining the expertise required to provide the critical analysis to ensure the internal and external financial information of the firm is accurate and that the firm meets the financial control and reporting obligations of a global, regulated and public financial institution. Teams are responsible for profit and loss (P&L) reporting and analysis, independent valuation, capital analysis and financial reporting. Professionals in this function have an analytical mindset, exhibit intellectual curiosity and are from diverse academic backgrounds.
  • Tax analyzes and supports the activities, operations, reporting obligations and transactions of the firm’s business lines to ensure that tax consequences and reputational risks are evaluated appropriately.

Corporate Treasury & Bank Finance

  • Corporate Treasury is tasked with finding the best ways for Goldman Sachs to deploy its financial resources within the parameters of regulatory guidelines as well as the firm’s own risk appetite. The Treasury function plays a key role in the management of the firm’s liquidity, funding, capital, and allocation of financial resources to align with the firm’s overall strategy and to ensure the firm is resilient in its ability to carry out its activities. Treasury teams are strategically focused, have a collaborative nature and possess strong problem solving skills.
  • Bank Finance advises and reports on key performance drivers to senior leadership, through managing the financial position of GS Bank USA, managing the Bank’s budget, and performing monthly testing to ensure established goals are met. Bank Finance teams assist in analyzing liquidity risks of new lending structures, execute funding strategy by raising capital in partnership with the Securities Division, source new deposit channels, and develop and implement risk and pricing models. These professionals have a strong understanding of core financial fundamentals, and have data analytics and research skills.

Who We Look For

If you’re interested in working in the Finance Division you should be able to demonstrate that you are highly motivated, with a commercial focus and strong analytical and communication skills. We look for people who enjoy being challenged, are team oriented and have good attention to detail.

Above all, we value integrity, a strong work ethic and a desire for excellence in future finance professionals.

“When you ask someone something, they’re very willing to explain things or set aside time to discuss with you.”

Executive Director/Vice President, Product Controllers
Finance Division, Salt Lake City

We Invest in Our People


We created Goldman Sachs University to help our people grow professionally – starting with their orientation and integration into the firm and continuing with ongoing development over the course of their careers.


From ongoing feedback to diverse talent programs, we’re committed to empowering our people to drive their own development and expand their horizons.


We emphasize an apprenticeship culture in which our junior team members learn by working closely with seasoned professionals. We believe this is critical to developing the next generation of Goldman Sachs leaders.