Marquee UI Platform

Technology Division, New York

“It’s so rewarding to build a system that is used by thousands of clients every day.”

Joined GS



Rockville, MD


Cornell University
Computer Science Major


Music, Traveling, Volleyball

Growing up, I had a keen interest in computers and the web. I also had a creative side, which I explored through drawing and painting. In high school, I combined these interests by taking web design classes, where I explored languages like HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript, and learned to build websites. I found it fascinating to be able to create and build something usable for other people.

I am an engineer working on Marquee, a digital platform that allows clients to interact with Goldman’s content, portfolio analytics, risk, and execution services. Within Marquee Engineering, my team is responsible for standardizing the development experience, building the style and component guide used across the platform, and optimizing the build and deployment process for all features. It’s a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Mobility is encouraged throughout the firm, and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to work in different areas. Before joining full time, I interned with a different team. I had a great experience and learned a lot, but my team didn’t have a design component, which I knew I wanted to pursue. Luckily, my manager and other mentors were supportive of my desire to switch to Marquee, so that I could pursue my interest in web development. I’m grateful the firm enabled me to step into a role that suits my passions.

As a front-end developer, it’s so rewarding to build a system that is used by thousands of clients every day. I love being able to improve user experiences and interactions with our products. There’s nothing better than seeing your work deployed and used in production!

I work within a digital business that relies heavily on technology, which gives my team autonomy and room to innovate. As a campus hire, I found it easy to make an impact early on in the process. I’ve also had the chance to make some of my best friends, participate in recruiting, plan hackathons, take ownership of projects, and ultimately see my contributions through to the end.

I’ve grown so much since I joined the firm. By learning to use the latest frameworks and open source technologies, and working with people that have different strengths, perspectives and experiences, I have gained more confidence in my engineering decisions and am learning to be more vocal in my opinions.

I love new challenges and pushing my limits, both in and out of work--especially by traveling to new places. Recently I travelled to Patagonia, where I hiked over 100 miles. My feet hurt for weeks, but it was so encouraging to see what I could be capable of with determination and effort. This year I’m planning a trip to go to Banff and Jasper National Park in Canada!