Executive Director/Vice President,
Client Services Practice Group

Engineering, London

“(At the recruiting event) I met someone from Goldman and learned how much the firm was doing in technology and that my skills could be applied in a role within Engineering.”

Joined GS



Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (Delhi, India) and Dartmouth College
Master's Degree in Engineering Management

I work in the Technology Division as a business vice president on the Client Services Practice Group (CSPG). As a business analyst, my job is about problem solving and looking at the risks associated with potential solutions to arrive at the best possible option. To create solutions, my team partners with engineering teams, development teams and operations to come up with practices and workflow processes. I work on strategic projects that involve process reengineering—it all starts with putting together a business proposal, including strategy.

As an intern in 2011 at Goldman Sachs, one of the projects I worked on was the Helpdesk Assistant Application, which is on everyone's computer. It has many useful functions, like real-time technology support and chat—if anyone needs to report an issue with their computer, they can do it through the Helpdesk Assistant. The process of building that application involved exploring different ways of communicating, doing wire diagrams and developing proofs of concept. 

One of my current projects involves a cost management application to reduce operating expenses. I'm working on an analysis of future systems and considering how to best evaluate current needs, whether we can build a solution, what the industry standards are, and what options we may have to either build or buy.    

I graduated with a master’s degree in engineering management from Dartmouth College. Previously I had two years of work experience in India, where I was born and raised. My undergrad was in electronics and communication engineering at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi. 

My job requires some of the same skills used in management consulting: strategy, operations, project management, technology assessment, finance, statistics and accounting. In fact, during the interview process coming out of school, I was interviewing with management consultancies. I met someone from Goldman and learned how much the firm was doing in technology and that my skills could be applied in a role within Engineering.

Solving problems starts with asking the right questions and involves logical reasoning and analytical thinking. Sometimes it helps to evaluate data through statistics, but it depends on the problem. Networking is very helpful. Knowing the right person within the organization who is particularly good at, say, R (a program used in statistical analysis), can really help if you need to look very deep into correlations, for example. 

I used to lead the New Analysts and Interns Committee within Engineering. We worked with different stakeholders to put together training series, professional development and social events for new analysts and interns in the division. In the last year, we worked on a program that involves job shadowing to give new analysts more exposure to various teams, which gives new analysts opportunities to help on real projects that are different than what they are normally working on. 
When I'm not working, I really like to dance. Sometimes the gym here at work offers dance classes and they've started to offer Bollywood dancing, which is pretty cool. I'm a classically trained dancer, and know Kathak—it's a classical dance from northern India that's very famous. It requires discipline and agility. The expression it allows is something I enjoy even though I don't practice as much as I did earlier in my life.