Executive Director/Vice President
Model Risk Management Group

Risk Division, New York

“…my peers and managers take a lot of interest in my career and give me the opportunity to grow.”

Joined GS



Needham, Massachusetts


Cornell University
Major in Mathematics and Economics


Traveling, Running and Horseback Riding

I am a vice president in the Model Risk Management Group within the Risk Division. My team covers a wide range of quantitative models and works to ensure that the firm can keep its capital above minimum levels during times of economic stress. My role involves managing and reporting risks associated with the models used in stress tests.  Early on, I’ve been given the opportunity to present to senior stakeholders which has helped me grow as a professional.

I started my career at a consulting firm where I focused primarily on quantitative risk management, but joined Goldman Sachs because I wanted a career shift to further hone in on my risk management knowledge.  After more than six years as a consultant, I was anxious about my career transition, but my manager provided me with a ton of support from day one.  Like any new hire, I was nervous about feeling isolated and that I would need to figure things out on my own.  This wasn’t the case – my team made me feel comfortable and made it a point to get to know me.  People want to see you succeed here.  

My work as a consultant was more often project to project. In my role here, I get to dive into the work and be a subject matter expert. The mix of my consultative mindset and risk management expertise brings a unique perspective to the team and helps me work effectively with people from all backgrounds.

I learn so much on the job through my manager, peers and a broad range of resources offered by Goldman Sachs University (GSU).  One of the most impactful ways I’ve been able to learn is through the “short talk” sessions my team hosts.  At these “short talk” sessions, team members present on relevant projects and industry trends.  I get the chance to learn something new and learn more about what is happening across the organization.  It’s encouraging to know that my peers and managers take a lot of interest in my career and give me the opportunity to grow.