Executive Director/Vice President
Corporate Treasury

Finance, New York

“I thought that joining a corporate treasury team which makes decisions on how to allocate financial resources of a company would be a natural pivot for my career.”

Joined GS

2006, 2007, 2008


Corpus Christi, Texas


University of Texas at Austin
Undergrad and Grad School; Graduate Degree - Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting


Mentoring, Cycling, Traveling

I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, on the Gulf Coast between Houston and Brownsville. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2009 with a Master’s in Professional Accounting. I had the opportunity to be an intern at Goldman Sachs for three summers before I joined full-time. 

I started out as a summer analyst in the Finance Division in Corporate Accounting, where I learned a lot about the firm and what we do. After that summer I became interested in Global Investment Research (GIR). The following two summers before I graduated from the University of Texas, I interned in GIR.  I joined GIR full-time in 2009 and worked for over four years in high-yield research, specifically in high-yield credit, covering gaming, lodging, leisure, and consumer product and apparel companies. It was a fantastic experience. I recently decided to do a switch in my career and joined Corporate Treasury about two years ago.

I was ready for a new challenge after four years in GIR and found myself wanting to join a management team or a CFO team. I thought that joining a corporate treasury team which makes decisions on how to allocate financial resources of a company would be a natural pivot for my career. I started networking informally, and learned more about what the Corporate Treasury group did, and really saw it as a great next step in my career.

Right now, I work on the Asset Liability Management Team (ALM) as a part of Corporate Treasury. Our work involves understanding the underlying liquidity of the sources and uses of funding for different businesses across the firm and looking at the liquidity risks and funding profiles of different businesses. I’ve learned about different areas across Corporate Treasury: understanding contingent liquidity risks—or what we call our modeled liquidity outflow; understanding how we think about secured funding trades; and thinking about how to optimize funding between a secured and unsecured basis. I'm on a team that follows the equity derivatives business, so we have an ongoing dialogue with their trading team and franchise managers. 

Every day, we collaborate on an internal model with our technology team and our strategists. If there are any issues that come up or enhancements that need to be made, we coordinate with those teams. It’s a tool we use to manage our liquidity risks and to make decisions, and we're always thinking about how to ensure we have the right tools and processes in place. We have developed automated reporting as well as web dashboards that give us other data analysis, for example, if we want to look at a particular type of asset class, or an entity’s funding profile. We can drill down.

I'm involved in a nonprofit called the Ascend Educational Fund. It's a scholarship and mentorship program for immigrant students in New York City. We provide college scholarships and mentorship to individual scholars. I'm part of the founding board for this organization; it's been a really great opportunity to give back to the community.  Last year Ascend participated in our first Community TeamWorks with the firm: we hosted our scholars for a career readiness day, and helped with résumé writing, internship search and applications, and mock interviews. A group of eight Goldman Sachs volunteers helped 16 of our scholars. It was really an amazing opportunity to actually connect the firm with one of my outside interests. Our students come from all over the world: Mexico, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nigeria, Jamaica, Ecuador and Peru to name just a few. 

I've had a lot of great opportunities with the firm’s Affinity Networks. I've been on different committees for the Firmwide Hispanic/Latino Network, and that's helpful in getting to know other individuals across the firm, and working on different events and projects in teams. With the Firmwide Women's Network, I was the Co-COO for two years, where I could work with our women's networks at the divisional level and on firmwide initiatives too.