Executive Director/Vice President,
Regional Market Sales - China

Securities Division, Hong Kong

“I was surprised to learn how many people come from non-finance backgrounds. ”

Joined GS



Tianjin, China


Oxford University


Hiking, Photography

I learned about Goldman Sachs through one of the firm’s student programs. As an undergraduate, I took part in a one day event known as Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Symposium where the firm invited students without a background in finance to visit its London office. I was impressed by the people I met, and surprised to see how many of them came from non-finance backgrounds. I became intrigued with market dynamics, and impacted by the experience so much so that later, after I finished my graduate degree, I decided to apply for a role at the firm.

My degree is in Biochemistry, which is perhaps not the most obvious path to working at a financial firm. Many employees here have backgrounds in engineering and science, as the firm looks to hire people with diverse experience. If you have strong quantitative skills, you can learn more about finance during the interview process and when you join a team.

My first month with the firm, I went through training in London and New York. This helped me get up to speed on financial modeling, accounting, and other parts of the job. The other benefit was that I got to meet other new employees from around the world. I still have my “class photo” of people I trained with. Some of us still keep in touch, and it’s exciting to see what everyone has done since we started.

In my current role I work on the Regional Sales team for China, we cover Chinese financial institutions including banks, asset managers, insurance and securities companies. We sell both investment products as well as risk management tools for clients to hedge their financial risks. The Chinese market is quite dynamic, and my team is on the front line, exploring new possibilities. A lot of trades we do are innovative new ideas and solutions for the clients. My proudest moments are when I close a trade or solve a problem for a client. I enjoy getting to be at the front of a rapidly evolving marketplace.

A culture of mentoring, flexibility, and support is what makes the firm special. As an example, the firm’s team of health professionals provided support and second opinion when I was pregnant with my twins. The firm’s Human Capital Management team guided me through the maternity leave process and checked up on me when I returned. I even got a maternity mentor, with twins herself, who offered advice throughout my pregnancy. In turn, I also have the opportunity to mentor colleagues - it’s a great way to reflect on what you’ve learned over the years and give back to help others grow.

I’m from Tianjin, China, a coastal city near Beijing. I attended school abroad in Singapore, and the UK, and now live in Hong Kong. It’s this huge city full of skyscrapers, but then it’s only a 15-minute drive to the beach. On weekends, my husband,  kids and I enjoy going to the beach or hiking.