Client Technology Solutions

Technology Division, London

“I feel empowered by the firm’s culture to make a difference.”

Joined GS



University of Manchester
Computer Science


Football (Soccer)

I found my passion for computers at the age of 11. My parents believed a computer would be valuable to my education, and I can safely say that they were right! From the start, I was fascinated by the computer’s engineering. My interest started in hardware, but as a teenager, I became intrigued by software as well, so I taught myself to program in Visual Basic. As I studied technology more, my passion has only increased. Thirteen years have passed since I received my first computer and I still find myself inherently curious.

At Goldman Sachs, there is opportunity to lead. A common misconception is that being junior means you aren’t given any responsibility, which has definitely not been my experience. I’ve had the opportunity to lead a committee that seeks to enhance the work experience of junior engineers. As an analyst I was on the New Analyst and Intern Committee, which creates and manages events for hundreds of employees within the firm. This experience allowed me to develop as a leader and to build valuable relationships outside my team. It’s opportunities like this that makes the firm stand out.

My job continually presents me with new challenges. I recently finished working on a new trading platform that streamlines the booking and amendment of trades. I volunteered for the project because it was an opportunity to learn AngularJS, an open-source web application framework. Now, I have taken on a new role, where I work with clients to help with systems integration. I’m learning about the business from a new perspective and creating impact in a very different area.

Within the firm, we are all a team. No matter the division or the project, we partner together to do the best work possible for clients. In my two years with the firm, I have found that my colleagues of all levels respect and value my opinion. I feel empowered by the firm’s culture to make a difference and find ways to contribute meaningfully.

“Always look to grow” was advice that I’d been given early on in my career. For me, this means seeking out new challenges for pushing myself. Going beyond your comfort zone is what develops you. So I follow the advice to never be afraid to take on a new challenge – because I find it’s true that the more you learn, the more you are rewarded with career growth and opportunities.