Marquee Pricing and Risk Solutions

FICC and Equities, London

“Being an engineer enables me to explore various creative possibilities while developing solutions and solving problems.”

Joined GS



University of Ibadan in Nigeria
Bachelor’s Degree
Industrial and Production Engineering


Spending time in nature

At a young age, I was exposed to a variety of fields – from history to literature and beyond – because my father would bring home books on many different subjects and encourage my siblings and I to read them. My family is incredibly supportive. They always assured me that I had the power to make my own choices in life, and that there were no restrictions or limitations in terms of the path I wanted to pursue. So I chose to pursue engineering because I have always loved providing solutions. I find that being an engineer enables me to explore various creative possibilities while developing solutions and solving problems. 

I joined the firm through its Africa Recruiting Initiative (ARI), which I learned about through a mentor and a manager I had worked with during my first internship at an oil and gas firm. My interest in the financial industry and passion for engineering led to me apply to ARI during my final year at university. The first recruitment event gave me a sampling of the firm’s unique and collaborative culture. I left that event feeling really enthusiastic about joining the firm and becoming part of such a wonderful community. 

I now work on the Marquee Pricing and Risk Solutions team. We build pricing and modeling tools that analyze transactions, calculate risk and run scenarios. My team is currently developing a risk viewer application, which provides a web-based solution for intraday risk management of OTC positions, externalizing relevant data, pricing, and risk models developed to manage our risk and commit our capital.

Being part of ARI has helped me acclimate into a new environment seamlessly. The support from program mentors and colleagues throughout my career here has been tremendous. I am also involved in the Firmwide Black Network and Black Engineers Network, where I am currently part of the recruitment pillar. There are so many opportunities for learning, growth and taking ownership at the firm – I feel empowered not only to develop creative engineering solutions to problems we need to solve, but also to voice my opinion on how we can best attract and retain diverse talent.

The most unique thing about being an engineer at Goldman Sachs is the people – I am privileged to work with some of the smartest and most interesting individuals in the world on a daily basis. To anyone considering pursuing a role here, I’d say Goldman Sachs is one of the best places to begin your career, and I am thankful to have found that opportunity through ARI.