Corporate Treasury

Corporate Treasury, Warsaw

“My team sits around the globe to keep up with the around-the-clock cadence of investment banking.”

Joined GS



Tirana, Albania


University of Warsaw (MA), European University of Tirana (BA)


Traveling, Reading, Cooking

I first heard about Goldman Sachs in college. I was studying finance in Tirana, Albania, and the firm often came up in our classes as a shining example of a leading investment bank. In my last year of college, I won a scholarship to get my master’s degree in Warsaw, Poland. When I heard that Goldman Sachs was running a job fair at a nearby university, I jumped at the chance to meet the firm’s recruiters and give them my CV.

As part of the Corporate Treasury team, I work on funding and projections. For example, we try to optimize the firm’s funding and find the best mix of liability. Because this funding is used across Goldman Sachs, I work with people around the globe: Bengaluru, London, New York, and Tokyo. We work together every day to share information and keep up with the around-the-clock cadence of investment banking.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about Goldman Sachs is that you should know people in every division and maintain good relationships. That way, you can reach out to the right person when you need something. I use these connections daily to do things more efficiently.

Locally, I’m involved in the firm’s Women Affinity Network to help organize recruitment and networking events. These are a great way to meet others and help inspire women/students outside the firm about what it’s like to work here. To that end, I help organize activities for students to try out different banking functions. The other day, I took part in a panel about a day in the life of an analyst at Goldman Sachs. The students in the audience wanted to know how I started my career, how I discovered the firm, and how I figured out what I wanted to focus on.

My advice for students considering a career in finance: Take the time to explore different facets of finance and pinpoint which ones interest you most. In investment banking, there are all sorts of functions, so it can be a challenge at first to figure out what you want to focus on. It’s a great idea to attend job fairs, events, or even get an internship. Also, you don’t need to be worried about the myth that investment banking is a 24x7 job. Yes, my team works around the clock, but that’s because my team sits around the world. By working together, we’re able to share the workload, make handoffs, and balance our professional and private lives.

Beyond work, I like to read books, do a bit of Mediterranean cooking, and travel. In fact, I’ve been to almost all countries in Europe. I enjoy seeing what it’s like to live in other places, including by sampling local food. One of my favorite towns in Europe is Bruges, Belgium, which looks like it stepped out of a fairy tale, full of quaint castles and cobblestones. It’s also where I had the most delicious eel I’ve ever tasted.