Executive Director/Vice President,
Private Wealth Management

Investment Management Division, New York

“Clients will call in with questions; responding to the inquiries they have is one of my favorite parts of the job.”

Joined GS

2012 and 2013


Rye, New York


Dartmouth College
Majors in History and Middle Eastern Studies; Minor in Psychology


Skiing, Horseback Riding, Reading

I graduated from Dartmouth College, where I majored in history and Middle Eastern studies. After working for one year at a large law firm as a corporate paralegal, I went to Boston College Law School. When I applied to Goldman Sachs during my first year of law school, I did not really know what Private Wealth Management (PWM) was, but I ended up loving it. I started as a Summer Associate in the Boston office for my first internship, then I spent my second internship as a Summer Associate in the New York City office. I graduated from law school in 2014 and then started at Goldman Sachs full-time that August.

Currently, I’m a Financial Investment Professional working with two Private Wealth Advisors, a Financial Analyst, and a Wealth Management Professional on a team to cover the advisors’ current client base of private families and foundations. My law school training helps me absorb a lot of information and synthesize it into easily digestible points. Whether it’s an hour-long phone call that an Advisor wants two bullet points on, or it’s a 60-page research paper that a client wants to discuss for 30 seconds, having the skill to boil down information and communicate effectively is critical.

My day-to-day responsibilities vary depending on what the team is working on. At the end of the month we do a lot of client reporting, including portfolio performance reports and writing investment recommendations. Clients will call in with questions; responding to the inquiries they have is one of my favorite parts of the job. My role is client-facing and getting to know the clients by interacting with them frequently is one of the biggest differences I see between Private Wealth Management and a traditional legal career. In terms of meeting with clients and building your own client base, what you do in PWM early on is what people only get to do many years into legal careers. 

There are many ways we’re able to help our PWM clients. One of the things that I really like about this job is that you’re not expected to be an absolute expert in any area—it’s really about reaching out to the right specialist and getting the right answer for the client. If a client calls me about fixed income, I can have a conversation about it, but if they really want to have an in-depth conversation, I’m going to get an expert from that team on the line. 

I’m currently in a two-year program working as a Financial Investment Professional, and then I will go through the training program to become an advisor. Once out of the training program, I’ll be placed with a new team and be responsible for developing my own client relationships. It’s very entrepreneurial and allows you to essentially build a business while working for Goldman Sachs, which I’m looking forward to.   

For a career as a Private Wealth Advisor, being interested in the markets and world news is an important aspect. When I started, I had very little finance experience, but our training program prepares us very well. The firm really invests in our foundational knowledge, so we learn about the Goldman Sachs platform, all of the products that we offer, and the ways that we’re able to give advice and add value to clients. 

I’m getting back into horseback riding, which I did a lot of growing up. I’m now living in the suburbs, which makes it much easier to ride consistently. Also, when I started at the firm a couple years ago, my husband and I adopted a 10-week old dog from a shelter in the city. So I spend a lot of time with them when I’m not in the office.