Executive Director/Vice President,
Technology Risk Management

Engineering, New York

“It’s been both challenging and rewarding to be able to grow in parallel with development of the open source technologies we leverage and contribute to.”

Joined GS

Full time


Hillsdale, New Jersey


Stevens Institute of Technology
Cyber Security


Tennis, Home automation

I’m an alumnus of Stevens Institute of Technology, where I studied cyber security. I participated in a co-op program that gave me the opportunity to experience five internships across a number of industries, including a tech startup, before I interned at Goldman Sachs. I was attracted to financial services because of the challenging problems the industry is trying to solve and the fast-paced environment, as well as its vested interest in information security.    

I'm on the technology risk analytics team. One of the team’s primary goals is to identify potential cyber-security issues across our technology and business processing environment. My role entails creating sophisticated analytics, which detect anomalous or threat-intel driven behaviors in our networks and systems. Using our own algorithms alongside data visualization techniques, we are able to help prioritize risk for our security mitigation and response teams.

I've become involved in recruiting for the firm, and helping to bring more people into engineering careers is a particularly rewarding part of my role. Many students I speak to think of us only as a bank, unaware of our size and the scope of engineering expertise and the work we do in Engineering. We are solving complex problems that have commercial impact similar to how traditional tech companies leverage engineering.

While in college my plan was to go into the public sector and work for one of the intelligence agencies, learn as much as I could, and eventually join a firm like Goldman Sachs. After finishing my internship here, I was convinced that taking at full time position was the right decision and would enable me to learn new and interesting things throughout my career.

When I initially joined the firm my background was in information security and I had no experience with the data science and big data tools which are at the core of what I'm doing today. In my time here I’ve found that the firm is filled with helpful people who are passionate about what they do.

My team does a bit of everything. After forming a hypothesis and conducting a feasibility analysis of what we’d like to detect, we then handle everything from data ingestion and cleaning to modeling how we store and operate on the data. Once the data is accessible, we write, test, and deliver repeatable end-to-end solutions. From a big data perspective, everything we do is based on open source tools in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem such as Pig, Hive, and Mahout.

One of the things that I enjoy about working in cyber security is the dynamic nature of the work. Every day is different and it forces you to keep learning and adapting. When I first started here, the technologies we were using were so new that there were only a few books that covered them in any depth. It’s been both challenging and rewarding to be able to grow in parallel with development of the open source technologies we leverage and contribute to.
Outside of work, my hobbies include playing tennis and home automation. I recently wrote some scripts that allow me to control the technology in my home with my voice and through programming schedules. For instance, when I wake up, my lights slowly brighten automatically. When my alarm goes off, they start blinking. By the time I should be in the shower they start flashing red in case I overslept. I enjoy finding little ways I can use technology to make my life a bit easier.