Executive Director/Vice President,
IA Securities

Internal Audit Department, New York

“For me the keys to success at Goldman Sachs are effective time management, adaptability, and a willingness to learn.”

Joined GS



Pequannock, New Jersey


Marist College
Business Administration and Management Major



I started my career at one of the Big Four accounting firms after studying Business Administration and Management in college. Although I enjoyed working there, I wanted to broaden my skillset and experience in the financial services industry.

When I first heard about the Internal Audit opportunity at Goldman Sachs, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit. I didn't go to a big school so I assumed that I wasn’t what Goldman Sachs was looking for. However, after a number of interviews, I quickly realized I was wrong and that my prior experience was highly relevant to a role in Internal Audit. 

I have met many people here who have taken different career paths to the firm. Goldman Sachs brings together and values the ideas and contributions of a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds. That’s one of the many reasons it’s so special, and a key driver of the firm’s success.

For Internal Audit, I help cover the Operations Division globally. We assess internal control structures of the firm in order to highlight potential control deficiencies or weaknesses.  We work with management to advise them on enhancements to the control environment that mitigate the identified risks. We are also responsible for tracking management’s implementation of control enhancements and making sure the changes have been sufficiently implemented to reduce the identified risks. 

We all have the same goal of safeguarding the firm and our clients. If Internal Audit can detect potential issues before an incident occurs, that's the best-case scenario. One of our biggest opportunities to affect change is to leverage successful controls or processes used by one team in other areas of the business that could benefit from them.

The firm's culture of teamwork has really impressed me. On my first day, I felt like the “new guy” for all of about 5 minutes.  The team culture really shows here.  For example, whenever I have a lot on my plate, my team and managers step in to collectively accomplish the task.

The keys to success at Goldman Sachs are effective time management, adaptability, and a willingness to learn.  I'm constantly working on new projects, which often requires flexibility and adjusting your approach to learn about a new area. Knowing when to escalate to your managers for help and when to delegate certain tasks is key.

When I’m at home, I love cooking for friends and family. Growing up, my father loved to cook and I was always at his hip. I probably knew how to make an omelet before I knew how to tie my shoes!