Executive Director/Vice President
Corporate Investing

Asset Management, New York

Joined GS

2011 and 2012


Bangkok, Thailand


Harvard University
Statistics Major


Day Hiking, Reading

I interned in investment banking and joined the firm full time after college. Recently I changed roles, and now I work in our Merchant Banking Division.

Many people think you need to study business to pursue a career in finance, but I studied applied math. After speaking to a few people here, I saw they came from different majors and they weren’t intimidating, which I’d assumed they would be—so this was the place I wanted to be. I think the most important thing in banking is curiosity—and you don’t need to take classes for that.

After two years as an analyst in banking, you’re given the opportunity to explore mobility, as in trying other roles at the firm. Since taking mobility, I now work in our Merchant Banking Division (MBD) in the long-term capital investment group.

You can think of my team as a private equity group within Goldman Sachs. My team mostly invests in later stage companies, and my job is a mix between looking at new investment opportunities and maintaining the ones we already have. I mostly focus on technology and media investments – there’s obviously a lot going on in the space which is exciting.

One thing that attracted me to banking and to finance in general was how right out of college, you’re working with executives like CEOs and CFOs—and it’s true, we work really closely with the management team of each company, even before we invest. They talk to us about their business and the broader industry, and you learn so much from that.

We always function as a team. We collaborate all the time, and because the job is so fast-paced, we always have to be coordinated. I would say that’s another skill that’s really important.

There’s a lot of travel in my role. I think I’ve been going to L.A. once every month for the past few months now—but I try to give myself time every morning to slow down. I’ll make breakfast, read a chapter of a book, and talk to family and friends back in Bangkok. It helps me get ready for the day.

Outside of work, I love the outdoors. I recently started taking hiking trips outside of New York City with friends which is really fun. Sometimes we’ll bring a picnic and make a day of it. I wouldn’t call myself a super-fit person, but I’ve managed to survive so far!