Executive Director/Vice President,
Securities Operations

Operations Division, Bengaluru

“Goldman Sachs is a great place for anybody who wants to start their career and seriously make an impact.”

Rishma, a vice president in our Operations Division who works in Bengaluru, talks about her role on the client onboarding team.

I’m Rishma, I’m a vice president with securities operations in Bengaluru.

Within securities operations, my department is called Client Onboarding. And as a department, we’re collectively responsible for ensuring that when a client is brought on board, we coordinate their transition. And after the client starts doing business with us, if they want an incremental product or if they want to start trading in a new market, then we help them organize documentation requirements for those kind of requests as well.

It’s an extremely collaborative organization and its an organization that is filled with people who are driven, who are motivated and who constantly push you to the limit.

I like to unwind by reading. I grew up in a house of books because my father was a publisher. I’ve always been fond of books and reading right from when I was a little girl. It’s great because it gives you additional perspective into a lot of things. It’s so incredibly different from what you do on a day-to-day basis and it’s important, I think, to have that kind of balance so you can look at what you do overnight.

One of the things that will stay with you when you come here and when you start working here is the culture. My department manager sits right next to me and he’s so accessible. In addition to that, the kind of exposure that you get just in terms of the interaction you have, you know, you’re constantly interacting with colleagues from different regions.

No two days are ever the same in operations. The Bengaluru office has grown considerably in the last four years. My own department has grown, I think, three or four times the size that it was when I started working here. What we do with the Bengaluru office is no different from what we do in any other office at Goldman Sachs.

And Bengaluru has a very young population. You can see that both in the city and you can see that  in the Bengaluru office as well. There’s a constant buzz on the floor because everybody’s talking as opposed to a slightly more silent office in different part of the world, I think."