Regulatory and Controls Technology, Technology Risk

Engineering, Hong Kong

“At Goldman Sachs, nothing is impossible if you share your ideas. Everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard.”

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Information Engineering


Traveling and Music

I love solving puzzles. When I was young, I spent a lot of time solving brain teasers and games that involve math, like Rummikub. I enjoy finding solutions to problems, and do not like repetitive tasks. Since taking computer classes in high school, I have been interested in finding ways to automate tasks and free up more time for the interesting problem-solving tasks that I am passionate about.

I interned at Goldman Sachs on the Regulatory and Controls team within Technology Risk, the firm’s cybersecurity arm, in 2014.  During my internship, I worked on multiple projects, including performing a risk assessment for an anti-money laundering system for a new distribution platform. I also worked on an automated dashboard to visualize data for risk management, which helped my team identify areas in need of reinforcement and address them to endure the division’s readiness across the region to respond to and recover from a crisis event. Additionally, I had the chance to work on a group project with other interns during the summer where we developed a proposal to improve mobile applications in the firm and presented it to leadership. The internship program gave me the opportunity to refine my interests and get exposure to different areas of the firm and, more specifically, within Engineering.   

After concluding the program, I received a return offer from the Regulatory and Controls team and joined the firm in 2015. My team is led globally by the firm’s chief information security officer and regionally by the head of Technology Risk of Asia Pacific. Our function involves helping the firm develop secure applications, measure cybersecurity risk, and drive implementation of cybersecurity controls. 

The Technology Risk team has a unique place at Goldman Sachs. Our firm handles a lot of personal information, and makes a high volume of financial transactions every day. Goldman Sachs is a leader in this industry, and has always been a major target by cybercriminals. From an information security perspective, there are a lot of challenges that engineers need to solve. The firm focuses on hiring the best engineers and experts from different sectors, and working with them to solve these problems fosters the environment for my continued growth as an engineer. 

I believe that engineering is the key to our future. We see the act of engineering changing our world every day. Technology affects every aspect of our lives and new tools are developed daily that shape our interactions with the world. To work at the intersection of two major forces, finance and technology, is incredibly exciting. It is a chance to shape the world for the better. Seeing the kind of impact technology can have, I know that I want to contribute and be a part of that change. With that said, my best advice to young engineers is to keep up to date with the goings-on in technology, as it is an ever-changing landscape. 

I had the opportunity to help plan the International Women’s Day celebration with the Hong Kong Women’s Network. For the event, we had invited an external guest to share her view on the relationship between the strength of the economy and the participation of women in the workforce. It is important to me to work somewhere where everyone is empowered to learn about social issues and give back to our communities. I especially appreciate that Goldman Sachs takes a stance to support employees who wish to engage with our Affinity Networks.    

I travel whenever I have the chance. When I travel abroad, I enjoy meeting individuals from diverse backgrounds. Hearing their stories expands my own perspective by allowing me to look at the world through a new lens. Music, movies and anime also provide inspiration in my life. Seeing the amount of time and effort that people put into the creation of these art forms inspires me to constantly work to be better in my work.