Executive Director/Vice President
Global Markets Operating Risk

FICC and Equities, Hyderabad

“At every stage of my career, I have had the chance to contribute to and influence decisions and outcomes.”

Joined GS



Mangalore, India


Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India
Undergraduate and Graduate School, Finance


Traveling and exploring different cuisines

Working at Goldman, there are very few boundaries to what you can achieve. I was hired as an analyst and worked my way up to vice president. I am constantly focusing on expanding my value and adding value to the firm. At every stage of my career, I have had the chance to contribute to and influence decisions and outcomes.

I manage a team engaged in Operational Risk Management for the Global Markets division, which involves key focus on quality of our controls, robustness of our governance and strength of our resilience to ensure we are best in class for our clients. Effective execution risk management enables us to be commercial, agile and responsive to changing market environments. The risks managed on a daily basis, together with the interactions externally and across various parts of the firm, make each day unique.

As a manager there is a tremendous amount of ongoing learning. From managing risks and infrastructure and understanding the business landscape, I have learned to be more nimble and flexible in order to keep up with the quick pace of the operating environment and ensure my team is equipped to respond to change proficiently. The business of risk management involves a focus on building a risk mindset within our teams while using risk analytics and independent guardrails to keep our firm and clients safe. 

The environment at Goldman is lively, creative and energetic. We are always looking for the next innovative idea and have a healthy spirit of competition in all that we do. This stems from wanting to put our best foot forward and deliver excellent execution for our clients.

The firm offers a wide range of resources and training opportunities through our in-house learning and engagement initiatives, which include leadership development programs, formal and informal mentoring opportunities and training modules for skill development. This helps ensure you have the right set of tools and capabilities to take on broader roles and also grow in your career. Personally, I have been proactive in managing my career progression by ensuring I look ahead at the roles I aspire for and work towards building my skills in that direction. 

I’m a co-COO of the LGBTQ+ Network in the Bengaluru office which makes me an integral part of the firm’s commitment to diversity. The Network’s mission is to advocate an inclusive work environment that respects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer professionals, and enables them to perform to their fullest potential and contribute to the greater goals of the firm. I am proud to be working in this space and personally is an engagement I find very rewarding and inspiring.

Outside of work, I love traveling. I’m always looking for new places to visit and explore and love to embrace the culture, the cuisine and the general way of life of in different places. I prefer relaxed traveling experiences as it helps me appreciate the essence of the place and pick up on some of the unique elements as it relates to people, food, art and music.