Executive Director/Vice President,
Generalist Strategy and Operations

Human Capital Management Division, New York

“Working at Goldman Sachs is being part of a fast-paced, collaborative organization surrounded by smart, ambitious people with strong work ethics.”


I attended the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. My curriculum primarily consisted of courses in management, statistics, law, and economics.

Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, I worked for a compensation consulting firm. While I enjoyed my experience there and learned a lot about benchmarking and consulting, I realized that it would be rewarding to be at a firm where my work could have more of a direct impact. When I received a call from the Goldman Sachs recruiter, the idea of working on the client side for such a prestigious firm was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

Starting out at Goldman Sachs

On my first day, I remember experiencing a combination of feelings: I was nervous, anxious, eager, and excited all at the same time. As with any new job or experience, there is always some initial hesitation and fear, but fortunately the onboarding process at Goldman Sachs is very organized and they did a great job of assisting me with my transition into the firm.

Career Development

On-the-job training has been a major part of my professional development, as there are new challenges that present themselves each day. I have also participated in a number of courses within the analyst curriculum and I have attended several business briefings from senior leaders at the firm. Through all of these, I have learned a lot about the various businesses that Goldman Sachs is involved in, and that has helped me understand how my day-to-day role fits into the larger picture here.

Working in Human Capital Management

In my current role, I am actively involved in analytics for compensation, headcount, and talent management processes. I work extensively with the Experienced Hire Recruiting Team and my client coverage areas to structure offers that are attractive to candidates and also consistent with internal and external market practices. This allows us to attract the best talent while also serving as a control point for the firm.


At this early juncture in my career, I am focused on absorbing as much knowledge and experience as I can, while continuing to develop relationships and gain a better understanding of my clients. My role within the GS&O team interfaces with several different areas/functions, which gives me a number of options when I am ready to move into a new role.
Ultimately, I hope to grow as a professional and eventually assume a position of leadership, where I can become a strategic decision maker for the firm.


My team, Generalist Strategy & Operations, is a centralized group that partners extensively with the client-facing HCM generalists, functional groups within HCM, as well as the divisional client groups. As a result, teamwork and good communication are essential aspects of my day-to-day job.

Achievements Outside of Work

My proudest achievement in life to this point was starting my own DJ entertainment company at the age of thirteen and running it successfully and profitably for over ten years. This accomplishment provided me with invaluable experience in running a business, marketing, networking, client service, and management, all of which are important skills that I continue to develop at Goldman Sachs.