Transport and Infrastructure

Global Investment Research Division, London

“Goldman Sachs is a really great place to train your mind and develop the quality of your work.”

Joined GS



London, United Kingdom


University of Edinburgh; Economics
University of Oxford; Economics


Traveling, Reading, Keeping fit

Originally I thought my career would be in academia. However, after interning in Sales & Trading at a couple banks, I found myself attracted to Equity Research. I was drawn to both the type and variety of work that’s done within research. It allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of a company, where it fits within a particular industry, and finally where that industry fits within the market. I also saw that I could get a lot of responsibility early on, which appealed to me.

Academic training in economics isn’t required for a career in Equity Research. Some of the most interesting ideas that are developed within research come from people with an arts or history background. There is a wide range of experience across the Global Investment Research Division (GIR), which is great for diversity of thought and for delivering innovative ideas to clients.

I work on the Transport & Infrastructure team within GIR and the coverage ranges from airports and toll roads to construction and shipping companies. It’s incredibly varied, with different drivers and valuation methodologies across the sector. This means there is a lot to learn, which appeals to me. In terms of workflow, this begins with developing ideas and using analysis to support them, and then communicating these ideas within a written report and by speaking to clients. My manager takes me to and supports me in participating in client meetings, which is a great way to learn how to best articulate ideas across different audiences.

I’ve found people are very approachable here and they’re willing to help when you need it. I think that is really important for one’s growth and development. When you’re spending so much time with the people you work with, it’s important that you enjoy the company and camaraderie of your colleagues.

I’m part of the Women’s Network and part of the women’s mentor program within GIR specifically. Even though it’s changing and becoming more diverse over time, I think the financial services industry can still be a challenging place for women who are starting their careers. Having outlets to express concerns or views — and also to be exposed to more senior women and learn how they’ve managed their careers — is extremely helpful. 

Outside of work, I love to travel and keep fit. I recently went to Sri Lanka for two weeks which was beautiful and very relaxing. It’s also great to have a gym at work. It’s very convenient to be able to leave the desk for an hour and do a quick workout to clear your mind.