Executive Director/Vice President
Private Wealth Management

Consumer and Investment Management Division, New York

“If you’re considering working in a bank, realize that there are many possibilities. There are roles in finance here, but there are roles that aren’t typically defined as finance— you can tailor your skillset to be relevant.”

Joined GS



Briarcliff Manor, New York


Fairfield University
Major in Economics, Minors in Math and History


Cooking, Landscaping

I attended Fairfield University and majored in Economics. My intention was to enter a PhD program in Economics after graduating in 2014. My Economics professors were mentors more than professors, and they told me of interesting roles across investment banks. While I never studied finance and didn’t have experience in the industry, they encouraged people with my type of educational background to explore financial careers. With the help of my professors and the Fairfield alumni network, we started reaching out to numerous people on Wall Street for internship opportunities. I connected with someone in the Consumer and Investment Management Division who put me in touch with Human Capital Management. 

I prepped a lot for my interviews. I was able to find some of the annual research pieces on that our Investment Strategy Group in Private Wealth Management publishes. The report in 2013 was called “Over the Horizon” — I still remember the title. I read it cover-to-cover; I memorized quotes from it—the whole nine yards. 

A common misperception is that you must major in Finance to work on Wall Street. While of course there is an overlap between what you might study in a finance concentration and the work you do at the firm, what’s far more important is your critical thinking skills and whether you can condense information that people are looking for and communicate it effectively. Employers are not looking for the knowledge you already have because they will train and teach you as long as you have the skills necessary for the job. My advice to anyone in the recruiting process is to emphasize how you think. If you’re considering working in a bank, realize that there are many possibilities. There are roles in finance here, but there are roles that aren’t typically defined as finance—you can tailor your skillset to be relevant.

In my role, I work for senior Private Wealth Advisors within Private Wealth Management (PWM). The role is very broad-based and what you do day-to-day depends on the team you support. When I joined my team, the advisors asked me what I liked to do and what I found interesting. I came up with a list. I love macroeconomics, whether it’s monetary policy related to the Fed, the ECB, or other central banks across the globe. This led to my talking with clients about these topics, macro markets more broadly, as well as what we’re seeing across markets from an asset allocation perspective. 

I have meaningful conversations with clients. They may call me to ask about what’s going on in the markets, how it relates to their investing or how it relates to their portfolio. We might make changes off of those conversations or we might not, but these are the types of discussions I have on a day-to-day basis. For certain pitches for prospective clients, I’ll customize investment proposals and rationale decks for sizable opportunities, and then present it to the advisors. While developing a proposal, I’ll study the background of the client and their investing preferences, then consult the Investment Strategy Group’s model portfolios, and lastly, use appropriate strategies to come up with a full-fledged asset allocation proposal. 

I think it’s important to try and make things fun and to show people, including clients, that you’re actually enjoying what you’re doing. It’s important for people to see you smile and to know you’re working hard every day, but also having fun.

While attending Fairfield, I worked at an old-fashioned Italian-American deli in town. It was such a great experience: interacting with customers and paying attention to detail in a fast-past environment had more similarities to Wall Street than people might think! It also didn’t hurt that I love to cook and do so as often as I can. I’m moving to a new apartment soon with a couple of my friends—I think they‘re excited to have me as a roommate because of all the food that will come along. I’ve told them if they buy the groceries, I’ll take care of all the cooking!