Meet the Alumni

  • Roni Savage

    Manufacturing, Construction and Industrials 'What I learned from the Goldman Sachs programme is that I needed to step back to step up, so that I could be involved in the strategic planning of taking my business to the next level.' More

  • Scott Dixon

    Food and Beverage 'We still do what we did 40 years ago just in a much more exciting way.' More

  • Emma Armitage

    Industrial Services 'Joining the family business was an opportunity to run the business, have a say about where to go and be really innovative.' More

  • Rosie Ginday

    Food Services 'After finishing the programme, my business has grown from one site to three, and has exponentially grown in terms of numbers and revenue.' More

  • Brian Dawe

    Arts and Education 'We pride ourselves on being commercially minded with social values.' More

  • Tajinder Banwait

    Fragrances 'The growth we have had has been incredible from the kitchen table to our own premises and manufacturing our own candles. And I’m really excited for the potential for the business now. ' More

  • Rich Walker

    Technology London, UK 'The programme is structured around peer-to-peer learning. At first you think: ‘How is that going to work between a restaurant, a cleaning company, a haulage company and a robot company?’ But it soon becomes apparent that the problems are the same across all businesses.' More

  • Rana Harvey

    Retail York, UK 'Through the programme I have streamlined a lot of our processes…instead of taking 29 minutes to process an order, it now takes us less than two minutes' More

  • Kevin Davis

    Education and Consumer Cyclicals Walsall, UK 'A social enterprise is a business like any other business, but it strives to make the environment or the society that it works in a better place.' More

  • Bobby Patel

    Restaurants and Pubs Bradford, UK '10,000 Small Businesses allowed us to identify exactly where we wanted to be. You see yourself as someone delivering a vision, delivering a plan and delivering dreams for your team.' More

  • Chris Ives

    Beverages Ilkley, UK 'The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme gave me the confidence to rewrite our business plan with more ambition and to approach business angels saying, ‘here we are, we think this is great, come and join us’.' More