Meet the Alumni

  • Roni Savage

    Manufacturing, Construction and Industrials More

  • Scott Dixon

    Food and Beverage More

  • Emma Armitage

    Industrial Services More

  • Rosie Ginday

    Food Services More

  • Robert Rowland

    Health and Fitness More

  • Brian Dawe

    Arts and Education More

  • Tajinder Banwait

    Fragrances More

  • Rich Walker

    Technology London, UK More

  • Rana Harvey

    Retail York, UK More

  • Kevin Davis

    Education and Consumer Cyclicals Walsall, UK More

  • Bobby Patel

    Restaurants and Pubs Bradford, UK More

  • Andy Simpson

    Retail Doncaster, UK More

  • Chris Ives

    Beverages Ilkley, UK More