New Impact Report: Building Small Business Britain

A new report finds that 10,000 Small Businesses UK participants are consistently doubling revenues and creating over 50% more jobs within two years of graduating, following the behavioural and strategic changes they implement because of the programme.

The report highlights the continued impact 10,000 Small Businesses UK alumni have on the wider UK economy, capturing the growth of over 1,400 small businesses who have participated in the programme since its introduction in the UK in 2010. It demonstrates the galvanising effect 10KSB UK has on both individual businesses and the wider UK economy.
Highlights include:

  • 10,000 Small Businesses UK participants are doubling their revenues and creating 54% more jobs within two years of graduating the programme
  • Collectively, the UK community generates £2.8bn of revenue, and supports 40,000 UK jobs
  • Participants create 23% more jobs and generate 25% higher revenues than similarly high-growth small businesses in the UK
  • As a direct result of the programme, controlling for their already high growth trajectory, 10KSB UK alumni have created 5,840 new jobs, contributing an additional £307m to the UK economy

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