About the Program

  • Videos from our Alumni on Program Impact

    10,000 Small Businesses graduates filmed their small business stories and shared them with Goldman Sachs to show the impact the program has had on their businesses. Program graduates are more likely to report revenue growth and job creation than U.S. small businesses generally. Growth is seen within six months of graduation, and notably businesses are still growing 18 months and 30 months after completing the program.

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  • A Lasting Network

    Along with greater access to business education, financial capital, and business support services, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses provides an invaluable alumni network; 85% of participants report doing business with each other. Data shows business and personal relationships built through the program are enduring and contribute to business growth.

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  • Ongoing Mentoring

    Through mentoring from business advisors and program partners, 10,000 Small Businesses graduates receive ongoing support to help them to continue to grow their businesses and create jobs.

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  • Articles for Small Business Owners

    We've assembled some useful articles for small business owners on subjects ranging from marketing and selling to finance.

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