Meet the Alumni

Edinson Arenas

Dallas, TX

Candy Manufacturing
Year founded
Azteca Mexican Candy
Partner College
Dallas County Community College District
Before the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, I was just a guy running a business… The program helped me grow – not just on the business side [but also] on the personal side.

Business Overview

Azteca Mexican Candy makes six varieties of traditional Mexican sweets on their own equipment in Dallas, Texas: palanqueta, leche quemada, Gloria, Garapiñado Rojo, Garapiñado Cafe and Nuez Garapiñada, and also imports additional products directly from Mexico. Family-owned and operated, owner Edinson Arenas sees each candy as a ‘memory’ – a reminder of simpler times with friends and family in every delicious bite.


Edinson’s father founded Azteca Mexican Candy as a distributor, but found transporting product across the border to be challenging. As the business transitioned to making its own candy, and Edinson took over, it became clear that responsibilities had to be better delegated, finances more actively managed, and a routine established to help keep up with rising demand.


Edinson participated in the 10,000 Small Businesses program to learn more about the quantitative side of his business – creating a plan, getting his numbers in line and managing for growth. But it was the personal side that made the biggest difference. In his family-operated business, learning how to help his employees grow along with the company was even more rewarding than an increase in sales. Plus, he connected with Nicole of Foodbellies, a 10,000 Small Businesses graduate. Together, they plan to take Azteca Mexican Candy international. First up? Colombia.