Meet the Alumni

Jason Horne

New Orleans, LA

Martial Arts Instruction
Year founded
XS Martial Arts Dojo
Partner College
Delgado Community College
The spirit and motivation of my staff has increased. I am working in the business less and on the business more.

Business Overview

Jason is the owner of XS Martial Arts Dojo, a martial arts studio that is an outlet of self-expression, self-growth and improvement. The studio also provides mentorship and teaches aspiring leaders to take their place in the community to demonstrate the martial arts as “a way of life.” XS provides leadership workshops and conflict resolution courses to corporations and schools.


Jason applied to the program to help aid his expansion goals of creating of a fitness facility within his current building. Jason is also working to implement a certification program in order to train instructors that can be placed at jobs in local schools and non-profit organization’s summer camps.


Jason is the recipient of a 10,000 Small Businesses loan through HOPE Enterprise Corporation, which he used to purchase 2 vans for transportation to XS’s after-care program. The vans have helped Jason increase the number of students he is able to serve and his after-care program has grown by 50%.