Meet the Alumni

Leticia Pollock

Miami, FL

Specialty Coffee
Year founded
Panther Coffee
Partner College
Miami Dade College
The 10,000 Small Businesses program is an amazing boot camp for business owners. It shows you that instead of just working in your business, you can also work on your business to make it better.

Business Overview

Panther Coffee sources, roasts and prepares the finest coffees in the world for both wholesale and retail customers.


Leticia had little financial experience when she started her business, and her bank statements were a constant source of stress. She was also concerned with losing Panther’s commitment to quality in an all-out attempt at growth. 


Leticia has much more confidence in managing the finances of her business. She also redesigned her teaching program for new employees, emphasizing Panther Coffee’s mission and values to ensure that the company will keep its character as it grows. Next up: Leticia’s business is expanding into three new Miami neighborhoods. And after that? Leticia wants to turn Panther into one of the best coffee companies in the world.