Meet the Alumni

Miguel Guajardo

Long Beach, CA

Year founded
El Camino Construction & Engineering Corp.
Partner College
Long Beach City College
Going through the program has opened my eyes to a lot of new ways of thinking. I learned how to improve pricing, negotiating, delegating and leadership.

Business Overview

Miguel was inspired to start his own construction company in 2008. El Camino Construction & Engineering Corp has developed into a full-service construction and masonry business.


Miguel applied to the program to learn how to better prioritize his business and management decisions with regard to strategy, hiring support staff and delegating work so that he could focus on increasing his company’s capacity, pursue new markets, and grow his business.


After going through the program, Miguel secured his first public works contract that helped sales jump 80 percent. Since joining the program, Miguel has added two full time employees and increased revenues 135% (crossing the $1mm mark).