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Empowering Women

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women

We provide women entrepreneurs around the world with business and management education, mentoring and networking, and access to capital.

Women entrepreneurs are critical to economic growth, yet they face obstacles in accessing the resources needed to grow their businesses.

The creation of 10,000 Women was informed by research showing that investing in education for women could close a range of gender gaps.

A massive global credit gap exists for women-owned SMEs, estimated at $1.5 trillion.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women has to date supported over 200,000 women entrepreneurs across 150+ countries.

Details & Benefits

Through 10,000 Women, Goldman Sachs provides the education, opportunities and access to capital women need to grow their businesses.

Business Education

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women online course is a free-to-access, practical business education program, available to all women around the world

  • Course Features:
  • 10 essential business courses providing critical tools across all aspects of business, from leadership to negotiations, marketing and sales.
  • Practical education, interactive activities and instruction by educators from top business schools
  • Truly flexible online learning experience, tailored to your individual needs 
  • Access to a global network of alumni upon graduation
Access to Capital

The Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Facility (WEOF) is a first-of-its kind partnership with the International Finance Corporation.

WEOF is the first finance facility dedicated to women entrepreneurs in emerging markets, designed to address the $1.5 trillion credit gap for women-led small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

  • WEOF aims to:
  • Expand financing for women-led SMEs in emerging markets
  • Empower women through access to capital and expertise
  • Demonstrate the commercial viability of investing in women
Networking & Mentoring

Graduates of the program join other women entrepreneurs from around the world as part of a unique global alumni community with ongoing access support and resources.

  • Alumni Community Benefits
  • A global network of past participants
  • A range of resources and events to further their business growth
  • Opportunities for post-graduation coaching and training programs, including the Growth Fellowship 

Since 2008, we’ve reached more than 200,000 women entrepreneurs across 150+ countries.

Meet Our Graduates
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“I’m most proud of the fact that I dared to do this. I dared to dream. And I didn’t just dream, I woke and I said I can do this against all odds.”

Ciiru, FunKidz Limited

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“The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program has been a game-changer for my business. There’s never a time when you should pass up an opportunity to learn.”

Seanice, Blu Flamingo Digital Africa
South Africa

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“Sometimes we are just thinking of one part of the program, and here with this program you get to see each part, and that is crucial.”

Monica, Ulalight

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“To start a business is definitely very scary...There’s a lot of competitors in the market. I thought “OK, I think I finally need to do this.”

Wambui, Sprouts Kids Salon & Barbershop

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