Meet the Women


Nairobi, Kenya

Bottled Water
Sparkles Pure Drinking Water
This business is everything to me. Everything I am doing today, I am doing for my children.

Business Overview

I founded Sparkles Pure Drinking Water in April 2016 when I realized there was a high demand for bottled water in my local region. My business handles water treatment and purification, as well as packaging and labeling of water bottles for distribution to shops, restaurants, schools, hotels and churches in Nairobi and surrounding areas. We also specialize in branding our bottled water for special events and functions, which is very popular in Kenya. 


I’m a widow with four children, and their education is extremely important to me. Three years ago, I bought a house with a farm, and starting growing fruits and vegetables and raising poultry to feed my children and to make an income. However, it wasn’t enough to support my family and keep them all in school. That is why I found an opportunity to start a water business, but it wouldn’t have been possible without outside capital. 


I was able to officially launch Sparkles with a loan from the 10,000 Women – IFC Facility. With this capital, I renovated the water purification tank on my property and set up a water production plant to meet the demand of local institutions. I now have six employees, and am able to adapt our product to satisfy client needs and fill gaps in the market. My dream is to open a coffeehouse, and this water business is the first step to building my brand. One day, Sparkles will be a household name.