Meet the Women


Hyderabad, India

PD Fluted Cartons
partner school
Indian School of Business
The 10,000 Women program gave me the requisite skills I needed to take my business to the next level.

Business Overview

I run PD Fluted Cartons, a manufacturing company in the field of specialized cartons.  We are able to manufacture cartons that companies our size are not typically able to produce.


Since I started my business over 11 years ago, my struggle, before enrolling in the 10,000 Women program, was reaching a large, multinational client base. Additionally, I found it difficult at times to fulfill complicated, customized orders.


Since graduating from 10,000 Women, I have not stopped working to improve and upgrade PD Fluted Cartons. The changes I have made have allowed me to turn over stock quickly and improve my finances.  I have acquired three new machines, and with the help of a loan from a governmental financial institution, I have grown my work space. Whereas before enrolling in the program I only rented the 3,000 square foot space in which we operated. I now own our 7,000 square foot factory. In addition to new machines I have purchased, this increase in space has allowed me to hire new employees: I went from employing 25 people to now employing 47 workers. Also, in order to expand my business even further, I have begun marketing my products online.

All of my hard work has definitely paid off.  Today I have a very strong customer base that continues to grow each day. In fact, just recently I gained a new client who wants me to set up a workshop exclusively for his product!

Future Goals

In the future, I hope to continue expanding my business, which means hiring more employees and buying more production machinery. With continuing hard work and dedication, I hope to one day be well known in manufacturing for the quality of my company's products.