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Pune, India

Auto components machining
Shweta Engineers Pvt Ltd
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Indian School of Business
Entrepreneurship is nothing but converting your idea into an amazing balance sheet!

Business Overview

My business, Shweta Engineers Pvt Ltd. machines auto components - primarily crankshafts - for domestic passenger vehicles and medium and heavy commercial vehicles.


Before 10,000 Women I faced a number of challenges that prevented my business from reaching its potential.  These included scaling my company to the industry and accessing world class technologies and quality practices. Without a proper business education and the resources I gained through the program, I struggled to remain cost competitive, to access cost effective capital, and to establish a stable platform for profitable growth.


After the 10,000 Women program, I found that my financial management skills had become finely-tuned. I began to concentrate on my cash flows and working to increase our profitability by minimizing our expenses. 

I have gained the important skill of negotiation, allowing me to effectively keep my business competitive. I have also learned a number of other important lessons, such as the importance of delegating work to my employees. Since I began skillfully delegating work to my staff, I have been able to use my time and energy for other important work. This work has included mitigating all kinds of risks by intelligent use of in-house resources, by client and product diversification, and by creating backups for existing resources.

Future Goals

In the future I hope to continue to keep pace with technological developments in my industry, to eventually adapt and invest in new technologies in order to move up the supply chain, and to cater to a broader customer base of OEM's and Tier 1 automakers. We aim to be a preferred supplier, which we will achieve through a combination of low manufacturing costs and quality systems, giving us an advantage over both pricing as well as quality.