Meet the Women

Liu Xiaoxin

Hangzhou, China

Hand-painted Canvas Shoes
Tianjian Ximi Handicraft Co., Ltd.
partner school
Zhejiang University
With the tools I learned from 10,000 Women, I will continue to drive our company to help everyone find their own unique style and passion.

Business Overview

I started the Tianjian Ximi shoe company in 2009. The unique shoes are made of canvas with hand painted images of cartoons, landscapes or other customized patterns. Currently, I have seven direct sales stores and dozens of franchised stores.


I started my business immediately following college graduation, and I was very lucky to develop my hobby into a business and dedicate my career to it.  My products were quite popular among students from surrounding schools. Although confident about my painting skills and encouraged by my market demand, I felt pressure because of my lack of business education and management skills, particularly in the area of marketing and human resources. 


Through the 10,000 women program, I learned how to successfully manage my new company.  After graduating from the program in 2011, I experienced significant improvements in the business.  I strengthened product development by building new product lines, and I built up the brand to attract new customers. I expanded sales channels by opening six direct-sales shops and I built a chain of franchises in a few new provinces. I also relocated my office, increasing the size to 600 square meters. From 2010 to 2012, our revenue grew by 25 times and my employee base more than doubled.

Future Goals 

I will continue to build more product lines and to develop more franchise stores. I want to continue to enhance the quality of my products to include waterproof technology and extended product life span.  I plan to increase product lines to include hand-painted bags and clothes.